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Recent Bear Creek Township Grant Applications

Click on the links below to view the grants applied for by Bear Creek Township since 2007 and the status of those applications. From 2007 through the 2011 application cycle, Bear Creek Township has applied for over $4.6 million in grants.

2013Consolidated Public Works Building$403,800$225,000
2012Reconstruct Weiss Road$188,600$175,000
2012Repaving in Laurelbrook$520,000Denied
2011Reconstruct Weiss Road$939,684Denied
2011New Plow Truck$141,117Denied
2010Emergency Response Vehicle$205,958Denied
2009Route 115 Safety Corridor$582,269$275,461
2008Sewage Study Fee Recovery$49,356Denied
2008Video Camera System$44,500Denied
2008School Zone Signage$39,600Denied
2007Repaving of Roadways$844,195Denied
2007Culvert Replacement$282,315Denied
2007Meadow Run Dam Repairs$1,089,306Denied
2007Comprehensive Plan$60,000Denied
2007Truck #1$67,548Denied
2007Truck #2$86,488Denied
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