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Welcome to Bear Creek Township's home on the internet.

11-09-17 2018 Proposed Budget posted.
11-14-16 2017 Proposed Budget posted.
11-14-16 Employment Opportunity for Road Department.
05-03-16 Employment Opportunity for Zoning Officer.
04-30-16 Township-wide burn ban has been lifted.
04-21-16 Township-wide burn ban effective immediately.
02-17-16 Homestead Tax Reduction assistance on 2/20/16.
02-17-16 Employment Opportunity for cleaning person.
01-06-16 White Haven EMS to serve the White Haven Pocono development.
12-23-15 Recycling Center closed for the holidays. Open again 1/9/2016
09-10-15 Supervisors meeting rescheduled from 9/14 to 9/16. Still 6:00.
07-02-15 Application For 2016 County Gypsy Moth Program
06-02-15 Supervisors Meeting Rescheduled - 6/8/15 @ 6:00
06-01-15 Tonight's Board of Supervisors Meeting is Postponed
03-03-15 Proposed EMS Resolution Posted For Comment
01-29-15 Property Tax information page added.
12-10-14 Bids published for Home Heating Fuel Oil
11-03-14 2015 Proposed Budget posted.
11-03-14 September & October Meeting Data Posted
08-11-14 Bids solicited for snow plow.
07-22-14 First Picnic At The Park scheduled.
06-13-14 Township office will be closed 6-16 through 6-20.
06-03-14 June supervisors meeting rescheduled - Monday 6/9/14 @ 7:00
06-02-14 Tonight's supervisors meeting has been cancelled Check back for new date
04-10-14 March 2014 Treasurers Report posted.
04-10-14 March 2014 Receipts posted.
04-10-14 March Disbursements posted.
04-10-14 Minutes from March 2014 meeting posted.
04-04-14 In Memoriam of Twp. Road Crew Foreman Tony Fazzi
04-01-14 Employment Opportunity for Road Crew
03-25-14 Township Code is available via eCode360
03-05-13 February Receipts posted.
03-05-13 February Disbursements posted.
03-05-13 Minutes from February 4th meeting posted.
02-08-13 *** Recycling Center Closed Saturday 2/9/13 ***
12-06-12 2013 Budget vote will be 12/17 (6:00) at Muni Bldg.
12-04-12 Request for Fuel Oil Bids Package available here .
12-03-12 Agenda for December 3rd meeting posted.
12-03-12 Minutes from November 5th meeting posted.
11-06-12 2013 Proposed Budget posted.
09-25-12 Final Floodplain Mgmt Ordinance posted. (2 typos fixed)
09-20-12 Draft Floodplain Mgmt Ordinance posted.
08-31-12 Board of Supervisors Meeting is 9/10 at 6:00 at Muni Bldg
08-24-12 Bear Creek Twp. is seeking applicants for Zoning Officer .
07-01-12 Reminder - Monday (7/2) meeting is at Mountain Lake at 6:00.
06-18-12 Planning Meeting for tonight has been cancelled.
06-01-12 Minutes from May 7th meeting posted.
06-01-12 Agenda for June 4th meeting posted.
06-01-12 Township meeting Monday 6/4/12 at 6:00.
05-07-12 Township meeting Monday 5/7/12 at 6:00.
04-02-12 Township meeting Monday 4/2/12 at 6:00.
03-04-12 Township meeting Monday 3/5/12 at 6:00.
02-07-12 Board Rejects Act 537 Plan
02-06-12 Monthly Supervisors meeting is tonight at 6:00
09-30-11 Act 537 Plan Available For Public Comment
09-30-11 Letter sent to residents in Act 537 areas
09-30-11 Public Notice of Act 537 Plan Advertised
09-06-11 Township meeting postponed to 9/12/2011- 6:00 at Muni Bldg
02-07-11 Agenda & Handouts for February 7th meeting posted.
12-30-10 Copy of 2011 Gaming Grant application posted.
12-06-10 Agenda for December 6th meeting posted.
12-06-10 November Disbursements added to Finance page.
12-06-10 Draft Minutes from November special meeting posted.
12-06-10 Draft Minutes from November meeting posted.
11-16-10 Preliminary 2011 Budget posted.
10-30-10 October Disbursements added to Finance page.
10-30-10 Agenda for November 1st meeting posted.
10-30-10 Treasurer's Report for October posted.
10-30-10 Draft Minutes from October meeting posted.
10-07-10 Sign Up for E-mail updates from Bear Creek Twp
10-05-10 Compliance Audit of Bear Creek Twp Pension Plan posted.
10-05-10 Draft Minutes from September meeting posted.
10-05-10 Treasurer's Report for September posted.
10-05-10 Draft Minutes from September work session posted.
10-05-10 Agenda for October 4th meeting posted.
09-03-10 Tentative Agenda for September 2nd meeting posted.
09-03-10 Draft Minutes from August work session posted.
09-03-10 Treasurer's Report for August posted.
09-03-10 August Disbursements added to Finance page.
09-03-10 Draft Minutes from August meeting posted.
08-18-10 Act 537 Draft Plan and Maps posted.
08-10-10 Treasurer's Report for July posted.
08-10-10 Draft Minutes from July work session posted.
08-02-10 July Disbursements added to Finance page.
08-02-10 Draft Minutes from July meeting posted.
08-02-10 Tentative Agenda for August 2nd meeting posted.
07-28-10 Route 115 Lane Closure announced by PENNDOT
07-20-10 Carl Alber hired as Zoning & Code Enforcement Officer
07-06-10 Draft Minutes from June meeting posted.
07-06-10 June Disbursements added to Finance page.
07-06-10 Tentative Agenda for July 6th meeting posted.
06-23-10 Public meeting scheduled for 6/24 has been postponed.
06-08-10 PENNDOT Route 115 Plan and Contact Info posted.
06-02-10 Draft Minutes from May work session posted.
06-02-10 Draft Minutes from May meeting posted.
05-03-10 Draft Minutes from April work session posted.
05-03-10 Draft Minutes from March work session posted.
05-03-10 Draft Minutes from April meeting posted.
05-03-10 Tentative Agenda for May 3rd meeting posted.
03-24-10 In Memoriam of Twp. Zoning Officer Joseph Andrews.
03-16-10 Penndot Route 115 Travel Advisory posted.
03-01-10 No Parking in School Zone Ordinance Posted.
03-01-10 Draft February Minutes posted.
03-01-10 February Disbursements added to Finance page.
03-01-10 Tentative Agenda for March 1st meeting posted.
02-16-10 Board of Supervisors Work Session tonight at 7:00.
02-01-10 January Disbursements added to Finance page.
01-28-10 Draft Reorganizational Meeting Minutes posted.
01-28-10 Draft January Minutes posted.
01-28-10 Tentative Agenda for February 1st meeting posted.
01-13-10 Route 115 Press Release issued by PENNDOT
01-13-10 Route 115 Press Release issued by Bear Creek Township Supervisors
01-08-10 Addresses to send letters supporting Route 115 Safety Plan
01-04-10 Copy of Minutes from 12/21 budget meeting posted.
01-04-10 Copy of Gaming Grant application posted.
01-03-10 Tentative Agenda forJanuary 4th meeting posted.
01-03-10 December Draft Minutes posted.
12-28-09 Bear Creek Township has an opening for Secretary for our Planning Board. Please E-mail the township office with a statement of qualifications for the position.
12-28-09 Bear Creek Township has 2 vacancies on Planning Board. Please E-mail the township office if you are interested in one of these volunteer positions.
12-25-09 By a 4-1 vote, the 2010 Preliminary Budget was approved on 12/21
12-01-09 Preliminary 2010 Budget posted.
11-29-09 Tentative Agenda for December 1st meeting posted.
11-12-09 Act 537 Handouts from 11/9 meeting added to website.
11-12-09 October Treasurers Report posted.
11-09-09 October Disbursements added to Finance page.
11-09-09 Tentative Agenda for tonights meeting posted.
11-09-09 October Draft Minutes posted.
10-21-09 November Board of Supervisors meeting moved to 11/9 at 7:00.
10-05-09 October Board of Supervisors meeting moved to 10/13 at 7:00.
09-29-09 September Draft Minutes posted.
09-20-09 Development Agreement added to website.
09-17-09 Tuesday Sep 29th, 7:00 Muni Building - Dev Agrmt Public Mtg
09-17-09 Check back tomorrow for Development Agreement.
09-16-09 Development Agreement will be on-line by end of day tomorrow.
09-14-09 Financial support for fire department posted.
09-09-09 Corrected page from September agenda posted.
09-07-09 August Disbursements added to Finance page.
09-07-09 Tentative Agenda for tomorrow's meeting posted.
08-30-09 Supervisor's Compensation page added.
08-30-09 Monthly Disbursements added to the "Finance" page.
08-04-09 Planning Board Minutes Posted (January through May meetings)
08-04-09 Approved minutes and Treasurer's Report posted
07-29-09 White Haven Poconos - Aspen Road - reports of attempted breaking and entry into automobiles. Report unusual activities by dialing 911
07-15-09 Effective Immediately - fill is no longer being accepted by BC Twp
07-14-09 Directions to White Haven Poconos
07-14-09 June 18 Special Meeting Minutes posted.
07-14-09 June 11 Special Meeting Minutes posted.
07-14-09 Approved June Minutes posted.
06-22-09 Directions to the Mountain Lake Community House
05-28-09 May Draft Minutes posted.
05-28-09 Tentative Agenda for June 2009 meeting posted.
05-13-09 Public Notice of special meeting on Eminent Domain land acquisition.
04-30-09 Tentative Agenda for May 2009 meeting posted.
04-29-09 Seven day outdoor burning band implemented.
04-21-09 April Draft Minutes posted.
04-09-09 Approved March Minutes posted.
04-09-09 Recycling Center will be closed Saturday 4/11, re-opens 4/18.
04-03-09 Tentative Agenda for April 2009 meeting posted.
03-29-09 Draft Minutes from March Work Session posted.
03-24-09 March Draft Minutes posted.
03-02-09 Supervisor's Meeting for tonight postponed to 3/9 at 7:00
02-27-09 Tentative Agenda for March 2009 meeting posted.
02-20-09 February Draft Minutes posted.
02-01-09 Tentative Agenda for February 2009 meeting posted.
01-29-09 Added an Official Actions by Bear Creek Township
01-12-09 Added "Ordinances" page for Township Bylaws, Code, Zoning, and Planning Rules
01-10-09 Recycling Center Closed today (1/10) due to inclement weather.
01-03-09 Added a page for Pennsylvania's new Open Records Rules
12-24-08 Added a List of Supervisors who served Bear Creek Township
12-20-08 Tentative Agenda for January 5, 2009 meeting posted.
12-19-08 Pictures from around Bear Creek Township
12-12-08 December Draft Minutes posted.
12-02-08 2009 Budget adopted at December 1st meeting posted.
12-02-08 Budget Presentation from December 1st meeting posted.
11-25-08 Added draft minutes from November Supervisors Meeting.
11-25-08 Tentative Agenda for December 1st meeting posted.
11-21-08 Recycling is back in Bear Creek.
11-11-08 Press Release from 11/10/2008 meeting.
11-11-08 Preliminary Budget for 2009 posted.
11-07-08 Added draft minutes from October Supervisors Meeting & Work Session
11-05-08 Tentative Agenda for November 10th meeting posted.
10-29-08 Next Board of Supervisor's meeting is November 10th
10-28-08 Tonight's Zoning Hearing is postponed due to bad weather.
10-08-08 Public Notice of BC Charter School Sewage Treatment Module
10-03-08 Tentative Agenda for October 6th meeting posted.
09-23-08 Added draft minutes from September Supervisors Meeting
09-22-08 Posted March-August Planning Board Minutes
09-16-08 Posted selection of Act 537 consultant (see Act 537 page)
08-26-08 Tentative Agenda for September 2nd meeting posted.
08-26-08 Amended Township Bylaws posted.
08-25-08 Township Code added to website (see menu)
07-24-08 Directions to White Haven / Poconos
07-20-08 Added draft minutes from July Supervisors Meeting
07-13-08 Approved Minutes from June Supervisors meeting posted
07-02-08 Directions to the Mountain Lake Community House
06-02-08 Notice of June 3rd Zoning Hearing Board Mtg
05-28-08 Tentative Agenda for June meeting posted.
05-21-08 Zoning Hearing Board meeting Tues, June 3rd - 7:00 at the Municipal Building
05-16-08 Draft minutes from the May Supervisors meeting can be found here.
05-15-08 Form posted for proposed Gaming Grant projects
05-06-08 Approved Minutes from April Supervisors Meeting Posted
05-02-08 Added Minutes from 1992 through 1999 (large files)
04-29-08 Tentative Agenda for May meeting posted.
04-22-08 Draft minutes from the April Supervisors meeting can be found here.
04-21-08 Added a page with the history of Act 537 in Bear Creek Township
04-20-08 Added an interactive community calendar (a work in progress)
04-08-08 Click here for a copy of Recycling Presentation (4/7/08)
04-08-08 Approved Minutes from March Supervisors Meeting Posted
04-04-08 Added Planning Board minutes from 2005 to present.
04-04-08 Click here for important news on Laurelbrook blasting.
03-27-08 Tentative Agenda for April meeting posted.
03-24-08 Added Minutes from 2000 through 2005 (large files)
03-19-08Added Subdivision & Land Development to Planning Page
03-18-08 Click here for a copy of Gaming Fund Presentation (2/11/08)
03-17-08 Draft of March minutes can be found here.
03-13-08 Created new page for financial information, including 2008 Budget
03-10-08Added 2008 meeting dates and a new page for Planning Board.
03-01-08March Agenda can be found here or a printed copy at the Municipal Building.
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